Distributor Testing


Setting up the 6 cylinder distributor used widely in RR/B cars correctly requires the point gap to be properly adjusted first, then the two sets of points to be synchronized to fire exactly 60 degrees (120 degrees crank) apart, and then the distributor set to fire at the correct time with reference to the flywheel.

Synchronizing the points can be done either statically (with the engine not running) or dynamically (engine running). Static timing has the problem of not accounting for wear and movement anywhere in the system. Dynamic timing done in the car has the problem of having to stop the engine to make each adjustment - so it is not really real time.

Using a distributor testing machine (Sun, King etc) eliminates both these problems, as well as allowing for the diagnosis of a multitude of problems (point bounce etc), allows for measurement of the advance system accurately, allows measurement of dwell time over the full advance range etc.

Below are two examples (video - press play to see)